Saturday, 9 February 2019

Rag Rug News - The Rugmaker

Looking through my filing cabinet for some information and I came across a letter I wrote in 1997 to every Rug Maker I knew in the UK to inform them I would be writing a Newsletter and the first issue would be September 1997.

My good friend the late Jeanne Field a wonderful Canadian Rug Maker and teacher had encouraged me to write the newsletter to link UK Rug Makers together and to let them know what was happening in the Rug Making world.

The letter read


I had a lot of replies and a lot of news to put into that first issue. There were 8 Rug Groups listed and the fee for 4 issues was £5. In those days we didn't use the Internet although I had a computer to write up the news. All the news came via snail mail and I had to type up the whole of the News. No cut and paste in those days.. 
For the first 10 years it was called Rag Rug News  then I updated the whole Newsletter and had a lot of coloured pictures and I felt the title Rag Rug was out of date so I changed the name to The Rug Maker which happily ran for another 10 years. The final two years was sent by email to cut costs and there was a decline in subscriptions for the Newsletter. The Internet took over and being able to press a button for  information I decided to finish writing The Rug Maker. 
It served its purpose and joined many rug makers together and then time moved on. From time to time I will add stories and information from some of the issues on this blog.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Wool for Punch Hooking and Hooking

Hand Dyed Chunky Yarn 🧶.  Suitable for Punch Hooking. The yarn works well with both fine and regular Oxford Punch Needles. Also great for hooking with a finer hook. 100grm skeins £6.50 each plus p&p. To purchase please email your order to

Friday, 18 January 2019

Hand dyed cut wool

Hand Dyed Cut Wool Skeins 

Hand dyed wool skeins. The strips are approx. 1/4" wide and suitable for Punch Hooking with  Amy Oxford Punch needle sizes Regular #10 #9 #8. Also suitable for Hooking. Each skein is 25grms and £3.50 each plus postage.
The first two pictures show samples of the wool punched and hooked.

As a guide approx 1 skein would Punch or Hook a coaster  4"x4". 
Lovely skeins to add to your stash of material and NO ✄ required already to use 😊
To purchase email

Punch Hooked with #9 Regular Oxford Punch Needle. Punched into Linen 

Hooked with a Medium Rug Hook into Linen

Colourful skeins for sale

Saturday, 24 November 2018

2019 Workshops

2019 Workshops 

Time 9.30am - 3.30pm   
The Rug Studio 
(unless otherwise stated)

There are plenty of workshops to attend through 2019 from beginners to experienced Rug Makers 
The workshops include Hooking, Proddy, Punch Hooking, Specialised classes in Design, Appliqué with Hooky and Proddy, Hints tips and techniques.
My studio is a bright light and cheerful place to work. The classes are usually limited to about 7 or 8 students. 
If you would like to come for a workshop and the listed dates are not suitable please email or telephone to arrange a suitable date.
Once your class/es have been paid an information sheet and receipt will be sent. 
If you have any questions on any of the workshop please email

Oxton Rug Group meet at The Rug Studio Monday 9.30 - 12.30 £6.50 per person. You are welcome to join us but please email to let me know you would like to come along. No teaching. Not suitable for beginners

January 7th 14th 21st 28th
February 4th 11th 18th 25th
March 4th 11th 18th 25th
April 1st 8th 15th 29th
May 13th 20th 
June 3rd 10th 17th 24th

Hooky and Proddy £60 per person Learn both techniques, design a rug, wall hanging or cushion. Lots of hints and tips to make rug making fun and easy.  You can choose which technique you like or you can put both techniques together to make some texture. If you prefer you can purchase a pattern to work on they are listed on my website (order before class) this workshop is Suitable for beginners to experienced.   

March 6th 
June 8th
July 3rd
October 12th
November 9th
 Hooked Rug 

Proddy Mat

Dye workshop £64 per person 
Learn lots of dye techniques to transform ugly duckling material into beauties!. Simple dye techniques make fabulous jewel coloured pieces that are exciting to hook, prod or punch with. Yes you can learn to dye like this wow! Fee includes some material and dyes.                                                                     

March 20th
May 8th
June 15th

Punch Hooking £60 per person
Punching is an easy technique using a punch needle yarn and/or material. Punching works up quite quickly and is suitable for making cushions, hangings or rugs. All equipment can be purchased at the workshop

March 16th
April 3rd
July 13th 
September 25th
October 26th

Punch Hooked

Bumble Bee Cottage Workshop £60 per person
April 13th 
Design a piece about 8”x12”. House, Cottage, Beach Hut or a shape of your choice. The shape will be appliquéd onto hessian or linen. Basic running stitches are used as well as extra embroidery stitches and embellishments. The background is hooked and prodded plus techniques to make texture.  
For more information please request the full brochure. Suitable for beginners to experienced. 

September 7th - 9th   Reeth Rug Retreat residential Rug School in the Yorkshire Dales near Richmond. Please email for Brochure. There are now limited places available

B&B available in Lowdham at Cockerbeck Cottage where Cath looks after you very well and loves having Rug Makers stay from all over the world. There is a train station at the bottom of the village about a 5 minute walk to Cockerbeck Cottage. I can pick up and drop off at the B&B or the station on the day of your workshop/s.
Lowdham is a 5 minute drive from my studio.
There are other B&B's locally  I send a full list with receipt once workshops are booked.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

NEW!!.. Fraizer Lap Frame

Fraizer Lap Frame

Lovely new Rug hooking frame beautifully finished. The frame has a working area of 11'"x16", tilts and swivels. Plus it folds flat for easy storage and travel. Perfect for any rug maker. £225 p&p UK £18 or can collect

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

"NEW" Punch Hooking Frame

Punch Hooking Frame 

This is a new size Punch Hooking frame perfect for beginners and anyone wanting to make smaller projects. The wooden frame measures 12"x12" with an inside Punch area of 8"x8". You can move your projects along for making cushions or something a little larger.  The frame comes with gripper plus felt to cover the gripper when working. The frame in the picture shows the frame with monks cloth attached as tight as a drum and felt. (the frame comes with 4 pieces of felt to cover all of the gripper). They are light and very portable.
 Frame £12 each plus £3 p&p

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Visuals - The Sky's the limit!

If you are not sure about colours, shapes, scenery, animals, sky etc.taking photos to build up an album is very useful. the visuals give you a good idea of shapes and colours. You can also print off your pictures and use them as templates.   Sky is always interesting to hook it is not always blue as you will see from the following photos I have taken
Here are some visuals of sky..very useful when you are rug making. Always worth taking photos to use in your work. We always think of sky being blue and clouds white but study all the colours in the pictures.