Monday, 27 July 2020

Hooked on Tancook

I am not able to download this lovely video onto this page. Go to Youtube and put into the search engine HOOKED ON TANCOOK to see the rugs the Islanders have made. There is a commentary telling the stories about the rugs. Well worth watching 

Grenfell Rugs - Hooking with Hose


I have just been looking through one of many teaching folders I have put together over the years. This particular one is my Grenfell Hooking with hose folder. The first picture depicts some original Grenfell mats the next picture is me teaching a hosiery class surrounded by colourful hose... must have been a good while ago I look a bit younger there ðŸ˜‚... The next photo shows a wonderful selection of skies ... ( I have a whole photo album of skies I have taken over the years and use them as teaching aids). Then next picture is a photo of Neils Harbour on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia plus a photocopy of the picture that I transferred into a rug design and the last picture is the completed rug hooked with nylon hose. It is about 25"x17" .. I have to say it is one of my favourite pieces and reminds me of the visit to Cape Breton



To purchase directly from my shop go to there is a wide range of Rug Making equipment. You can also see more items at If you need help with items please to email 

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Making Rugs Newsletter

Making Rugs Newsletter

There are a few hints, tips, stories and workshop dates on this blog. Once you have scrolled down click on OLDER POSTS and it will take you through to the end. 
Enjoy the information and 
Happy Hooking Proddy and Punching

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The Hooked Door Curtain

The Hooked Door Curtain
I decided to make a hooked door curtain for the door into my studio to keep  the draught out. I hooked it up pretty quickly using material cut too a generous 1/4" wide and used a variety of materials. From recycled skirts, jumpers, blankets and nylon hose. Yarn and new wool material. Some of the material is hand dyed and some as it. It certainly does it jobs and the chills out. The design had to be big, bold and colourful!... It was also a good piece to use up some scraps of material too.

2020 Workshops

2020 Workshops 


Time 9.30am - 3.30pm   
The Rug Studio 
(unless otherwise stated)

There are plenty of workshops to attend through 2020 from beginners to experienced Rug Makers 
The workshops include Hooking, Proddy, Punch Hooking, Specialised classes in Design, Appliqué with Hooky and Proddy, Hints tips and techniques.
My studio is a bright light and cheerful place to work. The classes are usually limited to about 5 or 6 students. 
If you would like to come for a workshop and the listed dates are not suitable please email or telephone to arrange a suitable date.
Once your class/es have been paid an information sheet and receipt will be sent. 
If you have any questions on any of the workshop please email

Oxton Rug Group meet at The Rug Studio Monday 9.30 - 12.30 £6.50 per person. You are welcome to join us but please email to let me know you would like to come along. No teaching. Not suitable for beginners

Every Monday if you would like to come please email beforehand to let me know

Hooky and Proddy £60 per person Learn both techniques, design a rug, wall hanging or cushion. Lots of hints and tips to make rug making fun and easy.  You can choose which technique you like or you can put both techniques together to make some texture. If you prefer you can purchase a pattern to work on they are listed on my website (order before class) this workshop is Suitable for beginners to experienced.   

Hooky and Proddy 
£60 per person
March 4th - 1 place has  become available
June 3rd - 3 places left
November 7th - 5 places left

 Hooked Rug 

Proddy Mat

Dye workshop £64 per person 
Learn lots of dye techniques to transform ugly duckling material into beauties!. Simple dye techniques make fabulous jewel coloured pieces that are exciting to hook, prod or punch with. Yes you can learn to dye like this wow! Fee includes some material and dyes.                                                                     

March 18th - 2 places available
May 8th - 2 places available 
June 10th -  2 places available

Punch Hooking £60 per person
Punching is an easy technique using a punch needle yarn and/or material. Punching works up quite quickly and is suitable for making cushions, hangings or rugs. All equipment can be purchased at the workshop

March 7th - 3 places left
June 6th - 3 places left
July 4th - 5 places left
September 23rd - 5 places left

Spring Flowers Punch Hooked

Abstract Punch Hooked

Bumble Bee Cottage Workshop £60 per person
March 21st - 5 places left
Design a piece about 8”x12”. House, Cottage, Beach Hut or a shape of your choice. The shape will be appliquéd onto hessian or linen. Basic running stitches are used as well as extra embroidery stitches and embellishments. The background is hooked and prodded plus techniques to make texture.  
For more information please request the full brochure. Suitable for beginners to experienced. 

Hooking Yarn £60 per person
April 25th - 4 places left
This workshop will concentrate on Hooking a design with Yarn only. Design a piece any patternyouwould like to choose. Hooking with yarn is perfect for making a Wall Hanging or Cushion using textures and colourful wool

Pick a Posy £60 per person
October 24th - 5 places left
Flowers are a lot of fun to make. Using Hooking, Proddy and Punching techniques. You can add embellishments and have fun making texture

October 9th - 11th Reeth Rug Retreat Rug School in the Yorkshire Dales near Richmond. 
Choice of 4 workshops, hook in, Punch Hooking demonstration, taster session, Exhibition. Please email for Brochure. Bookings commence January 14th 2020

B&B available in Lowdham at Cockerbeck Cottage where Cath looks after you very well and loves having Rug Makers stay from all over the world. There is a train station at the bottom of the village about a 5 minute walk to Cockerbeck Cottage. I can pick up and drop off at the B&B or the station on the day of your workshop/s.
Lowdham is a 5 minute drive from my studio.
There are other B&B's locally  I send a full list with receipt once workshops are booked.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Carrying Materials

Carrying Materials

Rug makers are a carrying breed we love to carry  a massive stash of wool and other material to workshops and Rug School just in case we need a bit of this colour or a bit of that texture. We fill bags, boxes and more bags packing and re-packing the car boot, backseat and even the passenger seat. Having reached our destination the stash is  unloaded with several trips back and forth. ( I know I was that person)

The easiest way I have found for carrying material is a suitcase on wheels or Holdall on wheels for many years I have transported equipment and materials in these when I have been going to shows and to teach workshops. Oh it is so much easier than carry! 

For smaller occasions I use a small or medium case/holdall again on wheels it carries my frame, cutter, hooks, rug and materials. All materials are keep together it makes life much easier than hauling those bags and boxes. 

Space at workshop venues can sometimes be limited with health and safety issues so carrying several boxes and bags can be a waste of time and energy.