Monday, 11 December 2017

Hand Dyed Yarn Packs

Yarn Packs

Lovely hand dyed wool yarn each pack contains 100 grms of wool yarn suitable for hooking and punch hooking. The textures are mixed. £8 per pack plus £3 p&p.

Medium Fine Hooks

Brass medium fine hooks
Handcrafted in the UK. They come in two sizes 3 and 4mm and are suitable for hooking fine cuts and yarn. £25 each plus p&p £3 UK, £5 USA and Canada. 
To purchase email priscillacameron1@

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Rug Hooking Magazine Nov/Dec 2018

I have a couple of issues of Rug Hooking Magazine available £6.00 plus £1.20 p&p.
Plenty of good articles to read and free pattern email to purchase 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

"NEW" Punch Hooking Frame

Punch Hooking Frame 

This is a new size Punch Hooking frame perfect for beginners and anyone wanting to make smaller projects. The wooden frame measures 12"x12" with an inside Punch area of 8"x8". You can move your projects along for making cushions or something a little larger.  The frame comes with gripper plus felt to cover the gripper when working. The frame in the picture shows the frame with monks cloth attached as tight as a drum and felt. (the frame comes with 4 pieces of felt to cover all of the gripper). They are light and very portable.
 Frame £12 each plus £3 p&p

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Proddy Draught Excluder Pattern

Cilla’s Proddy Draught Excluder
A perfect recycling & energy saving project

(And oh so easy and quick to make)
The pattern is available on a PDF file £3.50
copyright to Cilla Cameron
Pay through Pay Pal to 
The file will be emailed once payment is made. If you don't have a pay pal account please email me for an invoice

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Visuals - The Sky's the limit!

If you are not sure about colours, shapes, scenery, animals, sky etc.taking photos to build up an album is very useful. the visuals give you a good idea of shapes and colours. You can also print off your pictures and use them as templates.   Sky is always interesting to hook it is not always blue as you will see from the following photos I have taken
Here are some visuals of sky..very useful when you are rug making. Always worth taking photos to use in your work. We always think of sky being blue and clouds white but study all the colours in the pictures.

Rug Making Supplies

Rug Making Supplies. I often get emails from rug makers in America and Canada asking when they visit the Uk where are the Rug Hooking shops . The simple answer is there are none. Rug Making is a tad bit different here. First of all English Rug Makers are much more interested in drawing their own patterns/designs using their creativity to produce exciting one off designs rather than buying ready drawn patterns. (that is not to say we don't ever use patterns we do). Although I am a wool baby and prefer to hook and proddy with wool new and recycled I also use nylon hose and yarn. I would say that a good 75% of UK Rug Makers use any material they can get their hands on from t shirts, curtains, sheeting, clothing and wool. Uk Rug Makers do not like to be restricted in the materials they use. Wool is not easy to find here hence the fact that people like to try different fabrics. As a teacher I encourage my students to try different materials but suggest the benefits of wool. Squashing a persons creativity and use of different materials is frustrating for all concerned. So you are going to ask where do you get your supplies from. Teachers carry a few tools (not many teachers here either) but I carry the largest stock of Rug Making equipment in the UK from hooks, frames, foundation, hand dyed wool and yarn plus a few more items but you will see nowhere near as much as you can get in the States or Canada. For me when I make a rug I want the fun of designing a piece, choosing the material, hooking or prodding it using it and enjoying it for as long as it lasts and once its worn out its binned or given to the dog to sleep on. I don't make rugs to last longer than me! lol.. If they last too long you get fed up with them anyway . take a look at my website NB a lot of people here call hooked rugs and proddy mats Rag Rugs. Happy Hooking