Friday, 18 August 2017

To Glue or not to Glue that is the question

Personally I would never add any glue or latex to the back of my rugs. Why? you may ask.
First of all if you execute a good piece of work there is no need to contaminate the back with any type of clagham!. A well hooked or proddy mat will last a good many years.
The next reason there is no guarantee the loops will stay in place and if any loops do pop out it would be near impossible to repair trying to hook loops through a latex barrier.
Your rugs need to be flexible, floppy  and bendy not rock hard.
And glue/latex can be expensive.

I have heard stories from the past where people made a glue from flour and water and covered the backs of their rugs with that. I have made clagham that way to paste onto wall paper that has peeled off the wall in places lol....

Rug makers for many reasons have probably ladled glue onto their rugs one reason to make the rug non slip.

For me I don't want to waste my time and money with glue.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Interesting videos

These are some interesting videos I have come across ...take a look..

1. This video is about the Rug hookers in Cheticamp…/02/the-hookers-of-chetic…/

2. How to set up a Cheticamp Frame and a story about Cheticamp Rugs

3. There are times when your Beeline is not cutting through the wool correctly here is a way to rectify.
Click here and it will direct you to the Beeline Youtube video…

4. Laura Kenney, Artist
Matt Brown, from Mountaindale Productions.. did a cool short documentary with me chatting about this.. that.. and the other. Steven Rhude and my Mom are also included. When you click on, look on the right and I am S4 E05...thanks for checking it out! Feel free to share..share ..share..
Laura's work is fabulous she is one of my very favourite hookers 

5. Maud Lewis was a Canadian artist . Her work has been made into Rug designs. A film about her life has been made too . This is a nice write up about her you will have to cut and paste the following as it is not live.

Rug Hooking Magazine

The latest issue of Rug Hooking Magazine is now available
Variety of articles, free patterns, article about using templates plus plenty of good reading. 
£7.20 includes p&p

Books for Sale

1. Rugs from Rags John Hinchciffe £5
2. Basic Rug Hooking  £5
3. Good Housekeeping Rugs and Wallhangings £2.50
4. A Rug Hooking book of Days Polly Minninck £4.00
plus £3 p&p per book

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

2017 Workshops

2017 Workshops 

Workshops are £59 per person - Time 9.30am - 3.30pm   (unless otherwise stated)
they are at The Rug Studio apart from the Outdoorsy do 

There are plenty of workshops to attend through 2017 from beginners to experienced Rug Makers 
The workshops include Hooking, Proddy, Punch Hooking, Specialised classes in Design, Appliqué with Hooky and Proddy, Hints tips and techniques.
My studio is a bright light and cheerful place to work. The classes are usually limited to about 7 or 8 students. 
If you would like to come for a workshop and the listed dates are not suitable please email or telephone to arrange a suitable date.
Once your class/es have been paid an information sheet and receipt will be sent. 
If you have any questions on any of the workshop please email

OXTON RUG GROUP meet at The Rug Studio Monday 9.30 - 12.30 £6.50 per person. You are welcome to join us but please email to let me know you would like to come along. No teaching. Not suitable for beginners
August 21st
September 4th, 17th,24th
October 2nd, 9th, 16th , 23rd, 30th 

June 14th
Hooky and Proddy learn both techniques, design a rug, wall hanging or cushion. Lots of hints and tips to make rug making fun and easy. The top picture is Proddy and the middle is Hooked you can choose which technique you like or you can put both techniques together to make some texture. If you prefer you can purchase a pattern to work on they are listed on my website (order before class) this workshop is Suitable for beginners to experienced.

Dates to be decided please contact me
Dye workshop £62 per person 
Learn lots of dye techniques to transform ugly duckling material into beauties!. Simple dye techniques make fabulous jewel coloured pieces that are exciting to hook, prod or punch with. Yes you can learn to dye like this wow!                                                                         £62 per person includes some material and dyes.

Dates to be arranged
Punch Hooking
Punch Hooking Workshop at The Rug Studio. Punching is a fun and easy technique using yarn and/or material. If you are a yarnaholic there is no better way to use your yarn stash to create beautiful cushions, hangings and rugs for the floor. Punch needle rug hooking is a fast and easy craft to learn. In this fun class you will learn all the basics while working on a small piece around 8" square that may be used as a trivet, wall hanging or table decoration.
Templates will be traced for a quick and easy design. Learn all the skills required to make larger rugs. See the two pictures below for Punch hooking ideas                                   9.30am - 3.30pm £59 per person 

September 8th - 11th
Reeth Rug Retreat residential Rug School in the Yorkshire Dales. Please request brochure 

September 30th 
Punching Wool into Wool 
This is a fabulous workshops for beginner to experienced punchers. Punching into wool material either hand dyed or as is. Make a cushion, hanging or bag front with amazing results

October 7th 
Hooky and Proddy learn both techniques, design a rug, wall hanging or cushion. Lots of hints and tips to make rug making fun and easy. Suitable for beginners to experienced.

October 21st 
Yarn Hooky
Hooking with yarn wool/synthetics and fancy is becoming very popular and will add another dimension to your rug work. You can use any design but the workshop will be hooking with yarn ONLY. There is such a fabulous selection of yarns that will make your designs sing!....

November 14th 
Hooky and Proddy learn both techniques, design a rug, wall hanging or cushion. Lots of hints and tips to make rug making fun and easy. Suitable for beginners to experienced.

B&B available in Lowdham at Cockerbeck Cottage where Cath looks after you very well and loves having Rug Makers stay from all over the world. There is a train station at the bottom of the village about a 5 minute walk to Cockerbeck Cottage. I can pick up and drop off at the B&B or the station on the day of your workshop/s.
Lowdham is a 5 minute drive from my studio.
There are other B&B's locally  I send a full list with receipt once workshops are booked.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Punch Hooking

Punch Hooking
by Cilla Cameron 
( Certified Oxford Punch Hooking Teacher)

Punch Hooking is an easy technique, it hooks yarn like a dream plus a great selection of material. If you find hooky and/or proddy a strain on your hands or wrist then try punching its a fabulous way to make small hangings or larger rugs.
Workshops dates are being arranged at the Rug Studio. If you are interested in joining a workshop email Cilla at
or go to

Amy Oxford's website has a fabulous video about Punch Hooking and also some good information about the size of Punch hooks take a look

Thursday, 31 March 2011


There are two ways to proddy one with a prodder (below) and the other with a spring hook (see further down).
To proddy with a prodder you work from the back of your rug making a hole with your prodder and prodding the end through catching hold with your other hand. Leave 5 threads for thick material or 4 for thinner material and make a hole and prod the other end through. Go back into the last hole and prod the next peice when you have finished your rug turn it over and to admire your work!

Yorkshire Barn Proddy Mat

How to use a Spring Hook If making a proddy picture mat thick wool fabric is perfect it gives your rug body and cutting your peices 2"long x 1/2" wide allows the peices to stand up firm keeping the picture in shape. For other designs you may prefer cutting the peices 3" long x 1/2" wide. If the material is thin as in cottons cut them 3"long x 1" wide
Gather 5 threads onto your hook (see above)

Squeeze handles to open and place material in the jaw release handles and pull material through .

Go back into the last hole you will have two pieces of material in one hole and continue as above.