Friday, 17 March 2017

Tweeds and Plaids

For all of the rug makers who have asked me for tweeds/plaids here are a few selected colours I now have a good range. They are 100% wool and absolutely gorgeous to hook and or prod with, The colours are amazing or they over dye beautifully. You definitely will not be disappointed...please email for p&p on your order

Swatches approx 20"x14'' £3.50 each 

1. Swatch approx 26" x16" £4.50

                                                     2. Swatch approx 26" x16" £4.50
3. Swatch approx 26" x16" £4.50

4. Swatch approx 26" x16" £4.50

5. 1 1/4 yards 48"x56" £25


Lovely brass bent hooks with fabulous wooden handles handcrafted in the UK
The bent hook will hook material around 1/4'' wide £24 each plus £3 p&p

Colourful acrylic handles with brass hook. They hook material around 1/4" wide. £26 each plus £3 p&p

Rug Hooking Magazine

The March April May issue of Rug Hooking Magazine is now available
Plenty to read, learn and enjoy! free pattern and dyeing information
£6.00 plus £.20 p&P