Friday, 18 January 2019

Hand dyed cut wool

Hand Dyed Cut Wool Skeins 

Hand dyed wool skeins. The strips are approx. 1/4" wide and suitable for Punch Hooking with  Amy Oxford Punch needle sizes Regular #10 #9 #8. Also suitable for Hooking. Each skein is 25grms and £3.50 each plus postage.
The first two pictures show samples of the wool punched and hooked.

As a guide approx 1 skein would Punch or Hook a coaster  4"x4". 
Lovely skeins to add to your stash of material and NO ✄ required already to use 😊
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Punch Hooked with #9 Regular Oxford Punch Needle. Punched into Linen 

Hooked with a Medium Rug Hook into Linen

Colourful skeins for sale