Wednesday, 14 August 2019

An Exercise in Colour

An Exercise in Colour

It is always interesting to see how different material and colours look when hooked or prodded into a rug.  A piece of material with a big ugly pattern and brash colours can often turn into the most perfect piece of fabric once it is  cut and worked into a foundation, the big pattern and colours are reduced to tiny dots!
Here is an exercise that will help you to understand the colours and material once reduced. 
Choose a design and draw it on to 4 separate pieces of   Hessian about 12”x12” each. ( you are going to hook 4 samples so you probably don’t want to make them too large). If you have enjoyed the exercise you can repeat by prodding 4 samples)

Now choose four different materials in a selection of lights, mediums and dark
Primary colours eg. Red, Blue and Yellow
Monochromatic eg. One colour from very light to very dark

You are ready to  hook No 1 with Tweed,  2 with Pastels,  3 with primary and 4 in monochromatic this will give you 4 sample pieces you can refer back to. Keep a sample of materials  and attach to the hooking and prodding or label and keep in a safe place.

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