Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Taming wild colours

Taming wild colours

Recycling material gives great satisfaction but sometimes colours we have in our stash are wild,  garish and totally unsuitable for the most colourful hooker! 

Over dyeing with a complementary colour  is the answer to taming these wild pieces. 

Complementary colours are colours that are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel. A Colour wheel is a useful item to have.
Red and Green        Blue and Orange          Yellow and Purple

Eg. To tame  Red add a few drops of Green dye and to tame Green add Red dye. You only need to add a few drops of dye so go carefully you can always add a bit more.
More Dye Recipes
Here are some easy dye recipes to create a good selection of colours. These recipes are made using the primary colours red, blue and yellow.  Measure dye into a jug add a little boiling water to the dye, mix well and top up to 1 cup or 240 ml with cold water.

¼ tsp Red and ¼ tsp Yellow

¼ tsp Blue and ¼ tsp Yellow

¼ tsp Blue and ¼ tsp Red

Rose Red
¼ tsp Red    1/32 Yellow   1/128 Blue

Bright Blue
½ Blue  1/8 Red

¼ Yellow 1/32 Blue

1/8 Blue  1/16 Red  1/128 Yellow

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