Friday, 20 September 2019

Carrying Materials

Carrying Materials

Rug makers are a carrying breed we love to carry  a massive stash of wool and other material to workshops and Rug School just in case we need a bit of this colour or a bit of that texture. We fill bags, boxes and more bags packing and re-packing the car boot, backseat and even the passenger seat. Having reached our destination the stash is  unloaded with several trips back and forth. ( I know I was that person)

The easiest way I have found for carrying material is a suitcase on wheels or Holdall on wheels for many years I have transported equipment and materials in these when I have been going to shows and to teach workshops. Oh it is so much easier than carry! 

For smaller occasions I use a small or medium case/holdall again on wheels it carries my frame, cutter, hooks, rug and materials. All materials are keep together it makes life much easier than hauling those bags and boxes. 

Space at workshop venues can sometimes be limited with health and safety issues so carrying several boxes and bags can be a waste of time and energy.

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