Thursday, 31 March 2011


There are two ways to proddy one with a prodder (below) and the other with a spring hook (see further down).
To proddy with a prodder you work from the back of your rug making a hole with your prodder and prodding the end through catching hold with your other hand. Leave 5 threads for thick material or 4 for thinner material and make a hole and prod the other end through. Go back into the last hole and prod the next peice when you have finished your rug turn it over and to admire your work!

Yorkshire Barn Proddy Mat

How to use a Spring Hook If making a proddy picture mat thick wool fabric is perfect it gives your rug body and cutting your peices 2"long x 1/2" wide allows the peices to stand up firm keeping the picture in shape. For other designs you may prefer cutting the peices 3" long x 1/2" wide. If the material is thin as in cottons cut them 3"long x 1" wide
Gather 5 threads onto your hook (see above)

Squeeze handles to open and place material in the jaw release handles and pull material through .

Go back into the last hole you will have two pieces of material in one hole and continue as above.