Saturday, 9 February 2019

Rag Rug News - The Rugmaker

Looking through my filing cabinet for some information and I came across a letter I wrote in 1997 to every Rug Maker I knew in the UK to inform them I would be writing a Newsletter and the first issue would be September 1997.

My good friend the late Jeanne Field a wonderful Canadian Rug Maker and teacher had encouraged me to write the newsletter to link UK Rug Makers together and to let them know what was happening in the Rug Making world.

The letter read


I had a lot of replies and a lot of news to put into that first issue. There were 8 Rug Groups listed and the fee for 4 issues was £5. In those days we didn't use the Internet although I had a computer to write up the news. All the news came via snail mail and I had to type up the whole of the News. No cut and paste in those days.. 
For the first 10 years it was called Rag Rug News  then I updated the whole Newsletter and had a lot of coloured pictures and I felt the title Rag Rug was out of date so I changed the name to The Rug Maker which happily ran for another 10 years. The final two years was sent by email to cut costs and there was a decline in subscriptions for the Newsletter. The Internet took over and being able to press a button for  information I decided to finish writing The Rug Maker. 
It served its purpose and joined many rug makers together and then time moved on. From time to time I will add stories and information from some of the issues on this blog.