Monday, 27 July 2020

Hooked on Tancook

I am not able to download this lovely video onto this page. Go to Youtube and put into the search engine HOOKED ON TANCOOK to see the rugs the Islanders have made. There is a commentary telling the stories about the rugs. Well worth watching 

Grenfell Rugs - Hooking with Hose


I have just been looking through one of many teaching folders I have put together over the years. This particular one is my Grenfell Hooking with hose folder. The first picture depicts some original Grenfell mats the next picture is me teaching a hosiery class surrounded by colourful hose... must have been a good while ago I look a bit younger there 😂... The next photo shows a wonderful selection of skies ... ( I have a whole photo album of skies I have taken over the years and use them as teaching aids). Then next picture is a photo of Neils Harbour on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia plus a photocopy of the picture that I transferred into a rug design and the last picture is the completed rug hooked with nylon hose. It is about 25"x17" .. I have to say it is one of my favourite pieces and reminds me of the visit to Cape Breton



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