Monday, 27 July 2020

Grenfell Rugs - Hooking with Hose


I have just been looking through one of many teaching folders I have put together over the years. This particular one is my Grenfell Hooking with hose folder. The first picture depicts some original Grenfell mats the next picture is me teaching a hosiery class surrounded by colourful hose... must have been a good while ago I look a bit younger there 😂... The next photo shows a wonderful selection of skies ... ( I have a whole photo album of skies I have taken over the years and use them as teaching aids). Then next picture is a photo of Neils Harbour on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia plus a photocopy of the picture that I transferred into a rug design and the last picture is the completed rug hooked with nylon hose. It is about 25"x17" .. I have to say it is one of my favourite pieces and reminds me of the visit to Cape Breton



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