Thursday, 22 October 2020


 Many years ago I made some small pieces and put them onto frames but there was little interest at the time. I think we were all busy making rugs!.  In 2017 I made some more 8"x8" pieces and put them on frames and sold a few but again not much interest. Over the past couple of years small projects have become so much more popular and now everyone is wanting to frame there art work. You can Hook, Punch and Proddy or mix your techniques. I quite like my pieces to cover the whole frame but then I do rather like the Beach Huts with the frame showing.

The top piece with Beach Huts was punched with yarn and yarn roving onto Monks Cloth (all available from my NuMonday shop I left the frame white but you can paint the frame any colour you choose.


                                                                     Flower Vase 

                    Punched into Monks Cloth with Yarn Roving using a #9 Oxford Punch Needle 


Hooked with hand dyed chunky yarn into hessian. I frayed the edge and put it onto the frame that I had coloured


Hooked with Hand dyed Yarn Roving it is fabulous to both hook and punch with I also added some hand dyed chunky yarn too. Hooked into hessian and framed. 

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